Hagler & Kerr, LLC was founded in 2003 by John Kerr. Before owning and operating his own firm, John began his professional journey in Dallas, TX in 1969 as a paint salesman. That didn’t last long though. In 1971, H.L. Land (of Land Painting in Dallas, TX) had taken notice of John’s potential and offered him a position. Within a year, John started his own division for Land Painting in Austin, TX. He immediately got to work building relationships based on honesty and integrity, many of which are still intact today. John’s business philosophy has been and will always be “chase relationships, not work.”

Fast forward 48 years, John is still a strong driving force in the commercial and industrial coatings world. John believes his commitment to integrity, accountability, building relationships, and a daily serving of humble pie have been the keys to his longevity and success. Today, partnered with a staff he has assembled, John is still enjoying the fruits of his labor.